April usually brings the end of winter and the beginning of spring

Flowers bloom, trees sprout leaves, the weather is warmer, and people get outside more. Enjoy the sun while you read a book, watch a baseball game, go on an adventure in Big Bend National Park, or volunteer for Earth Day. This month, there’s much to do and explore!

American Literature

Great American Novel is a name Americans give to certain well-written stories with unforgettable characters. These books are special because they capture certain periods in American culture and history. One favorite is “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Set in the 1920s, this is the story of the wealthy and mysterious Jay Gatsby, who spends his life and a great deal of money trying to win back the woman he loves. It’s considered one of the greatest books from the 20th century. The novel was adapted into a 2013 film with the same name, starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby.

Spring Brings Baseball Season

Baseball has been part of American culture since the mid-1800s. The sport is so popular that it commonly is called “America’s pastime.” Each year, Americans gather in stadiums or in front of televisions to watch their favorite teams. Fans cheer them on all spring and through the summer, hoping their teams make it to the World Series championship in October. It’s a long season with 162 games. Major League Baseball (MLB) has some extraordinary teams, like the New York Yankees, who have won more championships than any other professional sports team in America. Go to a game. Experience this great sport for yourself. Eat hot dogs and Cracker Jack®, cheer with fans, and raise your baseball glove to catch a fly ball!

Earth Day

This month you can celebrate Earth Day with the Nature Conservancy. While you’re outside exploring the waters, trails and landscapes of the United States, consider volunteering your time to help preserve nature’s playground. Find volunteer opportunities around the country or right in your backyard.


Big Bend National Park

More than 300,000 people visit Big Bend National Park each year to explore its beauty, wildlife, and history. The park includes more than 800,000 acres of land in west Texas. That’s bigger than the entire state of Rhode Island! Big Bend’s canyons hold thousands of years of human history. Visit sites that were the homes of adventurous Americans in the early 1900s, and an old mine where workers took valuable mercury from deep in the earth. With 450 types of birds, Big Bend is a great place for bird-watching. So put on your backpack and hike Big Bend’s canyons and cliffs. Travel the Rio Grande by kayak or canoe, and ride horses or bike the trails. Stay a few days in one of the park resorts, and make your trip an adventure!