CIEE TEFL Referral Program

Refer a friend, get a benefit 

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Whether you’re CIEE TEFL certified or not, if you’re reading this you probably know someone who would benefit from a TEFL certification. Refer them to get TEFL certified with CIEE and you can earn a $100 reward for every friend, acquaintance, kooky aunt, or otherwise who takes our course.

Here’s How

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    Just encourage your friends and family to enroll in CIEE’s 150-hour TEFL Certification course.

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    Tell your community to put your name and email address in the “referral” section of their application, and voila!

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    For every friend who ends up enrolling in our course, you’ll get a $100 Amazon gift card. Pretty easy, huh?


Great For Them, Great For You

Your friends will earn a certificate that never expires and will open endless doors for them, and they’ll have you to thank for it. You’ll get $100 to spend on something fun from Amazon. Everybody wins!  

Thank You

Thanks in advance. We believe teaching English is part of humanizing international relations, and the purpose of teaching English abroad is to facilitate intercultural exchange in the classroom and want to appreciate everyone who agrees with us. 



What is this program?

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This program is a way for CIEE to thank you for spreading the word about our TEFL course! Whether you took the course yourself, or simply stumbled upon it, if you know someone who would benefit from this course, you can participate. Simply refer a friend, and once they enroll in a 150-hour TEFL Certification course, you will receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

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 You also can call 207-553-5229 or send us an email.

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