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Application deadline, and cost information.

Application Deadline

March 1, 2019

Program Deadlines and Pricing Info

  • Program Fee: $2,500
  • Compensation: 27,000,000-34,000,000 dong (approx. $1,150-1,450)/month

Application Deadline

January 1, 2019

Program Deadlines and Pricing Info

  • Program Fee: $2,500
  • Compensation: 27,000,000-34,000,000 dong (approx. $1,150-1,450)/month


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As a lead teacher at a prominent Hanoi language school, you’ll teach English to children ages 4-15.

You’ll introduce students to the basics of the English language while also sharing insights into your own culture and giving students an interconnected educational experience. At the same time, you’ll be immersed in a new culture, where you can promote international goodwill while earning money to support yourself. All CIEE teachers in Vietnam receive one month of accommodation and strong support at their placement in the urban center of Hanoi - a bustling cultural hub in the country’s northern region. 

Term Start Date Deadline Duration Compensation
Spring 2 Semesters  April/July January 1 12 months 27,000,000-34,000,000 dong (approx. $1,150-1,450)/month
Fall 2 Semesters September/October March 1 12 months 27,000,000-34,000,000 dong (approx. $1,150-1,450)/month

About Our Program Fees

CIEE, a non-profit organization, has been sending university graduates abroad to teach English since 1997. Our program in Vietnam includes CIEE’s online TEFL certification, orientation on arrival, and a high level of support throughout your experience (see all features below). To cover those costs, there is a program fee of $2,500. Once we accept your application, there is a $1,000 deposit to reserve your spot and start your TEFL training. The second and final payment ($1,500) is due a few months later after you accept a job offer from a Vietnamese school. CIEE alumni receive a 10% discount!

What's included

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What's included

  • Job placement
  • Pre-departure assistance-including visa assistance
  • CIEE 150-hour TEFL certification course
  • iNext international insurance with 24-hour emergency assistance services for US permanent residents
  • 24-hour support while abroad
  • Three-day orientation
  • Temporary accommodations during orientation and your first month in Vietnam
  • Transport to your assignment
  • Cultural and professional development activities

The Destination

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CIEE teachers are placed in the country’s bustling urban center, Hanoi, in the northern region.

The capital of Vietnam and its second-largest city, Hanoi is a fascinating blend of Eastern and Western influences, combining traditional Sino-Vietnamese motifs with French flair. Largely unscathed from decades of war, it is now going through a building boom, making it one of the more rapidly developing cities in Southeast Asia. Yet unlike many metropolises on the rise, Hanoi is evolving gracefully, harmonizing the old with the new.

The Take-Aways

  • Compensation

    27,000,000-34,000,000 dong/month, up to $650 towards one-way ticket to Vietnam, reimbursement for the visa, work permit, and temporary residency card application fees.

  • Preparation

    150-hour TEFL Certification, three-day in-country orientation, and cultural and professional development activities.

  • Assistance

    Pre-departure guidance, in-country support from resident staff, medical insurance and 24-hour worldwide assistance with CIEE iNext.

Job Description

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Job Description

Embark on an opportunity of a lifetime to learn about the people and culture of Vietnam while you explore old colonial cities, ancient temples, and emerald forests. You will be teaching small class sizes of 8 to 15 students ages 4 to 15 at a highly respected language school in Hanoi. Your host school will encourage you to be involved in your community and will invite you to participate in company trips and events.

As the lead teacher, you will have the opportunity to implement and plan exciting language lessons to your students at English language centers throughout Hanoi.  Classes run year-round and you’ll be teaching and preparing lessons about 20 hours per week with the opportunity for overtime.  Your students elect to take extra English lessons at this language school and are highly dedicated to learning the language.  Teaching in Hanoi is an experience you won’t want to miss!

Teach abroad in Vietnam with CIEE, and you can:

  • Explore cities and the countryside using the many forms of public transportation
  • Visit stunning sights, including Phong Nha-Ke Bang, the most magnificent cave in Southeast Asia; Cuc Phuong National Park, home to some of Asia's rarest wildlife; or Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its unearthly scenery
  • Be part of improving and expanding English language education
  • Plant seeds of linguistic and cultural understanding that set students on a path toward success in international business and diplomacy


You’ll earn 27,000,000-34,000,000 dong (approx. $1,150-1,450) per month. In addition, you may have the opportunity to earn overtime pay of 450,000 dong per teaching hour. Exact pay is based on teaching experience. Your school will also offer biannual performance bonuses up to 22,400,000 dong!

Your school will cover the cost of your visa and work permit application fees as well as the temporary residency card application fee. In addition, your school will reimburse you up to 15,100,000 dong for your one-way flight to Vietnam. Finally, your school provides you with one month of free accommodation and assistance in finding accommodation in Hanoi.

  • Schools

    You will be teaching at private, English language centers throughout Hanoi. Students at your schools will range in age from as young as 4 to students entering High School at age 15. Students at your school elect to take additional English language classes, so you can expect a high level of dedication from most of your students. Your school will provide you with resources to help plan and prepare your English lessons as well as provide support for you throughout your time in Vietnam.

  • Workload

    Teachers can expect to work 5 days per week year-round. You will be working 20 hours per week with 15 of those hours being dedicated to teaching while 5 hours will be dedicated to academic work. In addition to classroom time, you should anticipate planning time, faculty meetings, and other in-school commitments. You’ll still have plenty of opportunities to travel, explore, and enjoy the unique flavor of Vietnam.


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You’ll need a bachelor’s degree to apply, along with a few other qualifications. These, plus a sense of adventure and a desire to cross cultural boundaries and engage with people eager to learn English, will make you a great candidate.

CIEE looks for candidates who are independent and curious, and thrive in a changing environment. Are you self-motivated, responsible, and ready for a rewarding adventure? If so, start your application now!


  • Native English speaker
  • Bachelor’s degree in any field
  • Citizenship in the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom
  • TEFL certificate (included in CIEE program fee)

To make your application stronger, highlight additional qualifications, such as:

  • Experience teaching or volunteering, community involvement, experience caring for children, such as camp counseling
  • Experience studying, working, or volunteering abroad
  • A college degree in English or education
  • Additional teaching certification/credentials

TEFL Certification

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TEFL Certification

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification gives you the skills, experience, and confidence to make teaching abroad even more rewarding – both for you and those you teach. The CIEE TEFL 150-hour certification course is included in the fee for this program and ensure that you:

  • Develop an awareness of the field and practices of TEFL
  • Understand the components of English related to teaching nonnative speakers
  • Get personalized feedback from an experienced TEFL tutor
  • Can design lessons for TEFL students at a variety of levels
  • Complete 20 hours of practice teaching experience to hone your skills

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