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Application deadline, and cost information.

Application Deadline

March 1, 2019

Program Deadlines and Pricing Info

  • Program Fee: $2,400
  • Compensation: 5,500-7,000 MAD (approx. $550-700)/month


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Teach English to eager students of all ages in this colorful, inspiring country.

Teaching placements are at reputable language institutions along Morocco’s Atlantic coast. Immerse yourself in these smaller Moroccan communities - getting to know your neighbors and the country’s rich culture - while also having easy access by train to major cities and tourist destinations. CIEE will ensure you’re prepared for this adventure with TEFL Certification and Teacher preparation courses, pre-departure support and guidance during every step along the way.

Term Start Date Deadline Duration Compensation
Fall 2 Semesters  Mid-September March 1 10 months 5,500-7,000 MAD (approx. $550-700)/month

About Our Program Fees

CIEE, a non-profit organization, has been sending university graduates abroad to teach English since 1997. Our program in Morocco includes CIEE’s online TEFL certification, orientation on arrival, and a high level of support throughout your experience (see all features below). To cover those costs, there is a program fee of $2,400. Once we accept your application, there is a $1,000 deposit to reserve your spot and start your TEFL training. The second and final payment ($1,400) is due a few months later after you accept a job offer from a Moroccan school. CIEE alumni receive a 5% discount!

What's included

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What's included

  • CIEE’s 150 hour online TEFL and Teacher Preparation course
  • Multi-day orientation in Rabat
  • Seven days of temporary accommodation with a host family
  • Professional development activities, including participation in an all-expense-paid teacher’s conference within Morocco
  • Local health insurance
  • iNext international emergency medical insurance (US citizens and residents only)

The Destination

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CIEE places teachers in small, quiet cities along Morocco’s Atlantic coast.  These locations are off the tourist track, offering an authentic experience featuring seafood restaurants, gardens, and palm-lined streets. At the same time, they are all connected to Morocco’s excellent rail network, which means Morocco’s major cities and amazing tourist destinations are easily accessible.

Mohammedia: 200,000 inhabitants. Travel times by train: 35 minutes to Casablanca, 50 minutes to Rabat.

Kenitra: 430,000 inhabitants. Travel times by train: 35 minutes to Rabat, 2 hours to Casablanca.

El Jadida: 200,000 inhabitants, 16th century Portuguese architecture. Travel times by train: 80 minutes to Casablanca, 3 hours to Rabat.

The Take-Aways

  • Compensation

    5,500 – 7,000 Moroccan dirhams per month, plus housing stipend. More than enough for a comfortable standard of living!

  • Preparation

    Pre-departure document assistance, multi-day orientation in Rabat, CIEE’s 150 hour online TEFL and Teacher Preparation course.

  • Assistance

    24/7 emergency support from in-country staff, local health insurance, international emergency medical insurance (US only).

Job Description

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Job Description

CIEE teachers in Morocco sign on for a full academic year of employment, from September to July. Your school will provide textbooks and instructions about learning objectives for your different classes, along with access to computers and printers. Day-to-day lesson planning will be up to you.


5,500 – 7,000 Moroccan dirhams per month, plus housing stipend. More than enough for a comfortable standard of living!

Your compensation will also include local health insurance, professional development, and an all-expense-paid teacher’s conference within Morocco!

  • Schools

    Teach at a private center specializing in language education. These well-known institutes were founded by Americans and are highly-regarded as schools and employers within Morocco.

  • Workload

    You will be a lead teacher, responsible for lesson planning, grading, and running extracurricular activities. You can expect to work with classes of different ages: some adults and some as young as kindergarten age.

    This is a full-time position with 18-22 weekly teaching hours, plus meetings and prep time. An example of a typical schedule would be evening classes Mon-Tues, full days Wed-Sat, and Sun off.

    Each teacher will be responsible for running 1-3 hours of extracurricular activities per week. Past teachers have organized a wide variety of extracurriculars, including theater productions, music clubs and performances, sports, public speaking events, debate teams, and cultural presentations. It’s a chance for you to draw on your own strengths and experiences!


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To apply, you’ll need to be a native English speaker and hold a bachelor’s degree, along with a few other qualifications. You’ll make a great candidate if you have a sense of adventure, a desire to cross cultural boundaries and engage people eager to learn English.

CIEE looks for candidates who are independent, curious, and thrive in a changing environment. Are you self-motivated, responsible, and ready to take the plunge into a rewarding adventure? If so, start your application now!


  • Native English speaker
  • Bachelor’s degree in any field
  • TEFL certificate (included in your program), or teaching degree/certification
  • Age 58 or younger. Older teachers are ineligible for Moroccan work permits.
  • Experience living abroad, to ensure that you are ready to adapt to Moroccan culture
  • Citizen of the U.S., UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand
  • Teaching experience strongly preferred

TEFL Certification

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TEFL Certification

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification gives you the skills, experience, and confidence to make teaching abroad even more rewarding – both for you and those you teach. The CIEE TEFL 150-hour certification course is included in the fee for this program and ensure that you:

  • Develop an awareness of the field and practices of TEFL
  • Understand the components of English related to teaching nonnative speakers
  • Get personalized feedback from an experienced TEFL tutor
  • Can design lessons for TEFL students at a variety of levels
  • Complete 20 hours of practice teaching experience to hone your skills

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