Post-Graduation Goals

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Alexandra K.

Alexandra K.

¡Hola A Todos!

¡Bienvenido a mi blog! I will keep this short and sweet ;)

Last August, I began my Senior Year at The University of Delaware (UD). By the time June rolled around, I had successfully graduated from UD with a degree in International Relations.

Since graduating High School back in 2015, all of my jobs have been related to working with children between the ages of 5 and 18.

Whether it was a Day Camp, Sleepaway Camp, School, Tutoring, or a Sports Academy, I've always loved working with kids and helping them learn important life lessons and skills. 

After studying abroad in Rome, Italy, at a university with international students for a semester, I learned a lot about myself and how to be independent.

Whether it was traveling, budgeting, or scheduling, I must give credit to my inspirational professors and advisors for preparing me for my next steps. 

Over the past four years, they've provided me with lots of opportunities and experiences. All of which resulted in me gaining some direction post-graduation.

Following graduation, one of my primary goals was getting an ESL or TEFL certification. Foreign Languages have always been a strength and favorite subject of mine.

In my entire academic career (over the past twelve years), I've studied 6 years of Spanish, 4 years of Mandarin, 1 semester of Italian, and 1 semester of French. 

After doing extensive research, I found that CIEE was a perfect fit as it was a legit non-profit organization, that had a high probability of allowing me to "Teach English Abroad".

When I applied to CIEE's "Teach In Spain" Program, I added on the 150 hour online course hoping that it would allow me to reach one of my larger goals of becoming TEFL certified. 

Since submitting my online application to the program, one of my biggest worries was when I would receive my location placement, and how far I'd be from Madrid's city-centre. 



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