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Global Navigator high school semester abroad programs let you spend 3 months to a full academic year enrolled in a high school in one of 8 destinations. Live the life of a local student, make lifelong friends, and immerse yourself in all that your destination offers. Don’t miss the chance to truly get to know a new place, gain independence, and stand out on college applications! 

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What Are the Benefits of Studying Abroad for a Semester of High School?

High school students are open-minded, and experiencing a new country and culture can make a lasting, positive impact in their future. On CIEE high school semester abroad programs, students: 

  1. Experience total immersion 
  2. Attend a reputable, well-established high school 
  3. Live with a carefully-screened host family 
  4. Get to know their host countries as a local 
  5. Have the support of CIEE staff every step of the way 

After participating on program, students gain a global perspective, intercultural skills, communication skills, language skills, independence, and maturity—and life-long friends, too. Program tuition includes all expenses: 

  • Airfare to and from country 
  • Placement in a reputable high school 
  • Placement with a carefully-screened host family 
  • Meals 
  • Excursions 
  • Medical and travel insurance 
  • 24/7 support and more 

To learn more about local school placements and host families, read more about Your Adventure. To discuss your options with a CIEE Enrollment Coordinator, schedule a call

8 Semester Abroad Destinations

HSA Denmark

Bike-friendly streets, music festivals, and college-town culture make Denmark a big draw for students from throughout the world.

tokyo kiyomizu dera street

Become fluent in Japanese as you live and study in the heart of this unique and lively Asian culture.

Questions About High School Semester Abroad

Yes, all CIEE high school semester abroad programs include placement with a carefully-screened host family. On program, students will be in a safe and nurturing environment, improve their communication skills, and be fully immersed in their country’s customs and culture. 

It is up to each student to talk with their high school guidance counselor before traveling abroad to ask about the classes they will miss and the steps to earn semester credits abroad

Most U.S. high schools are supportive and able to provide options, such as online classes or the combining of classes into one semester upon returning. 

While abroad, the host school may provide transcripts or other documentation of the courses taken. It is the responsibility of each student to coordinate with their school officials abroad to receive that documentation. 

Prior to departure, CIEE provides high school semester abroad students a packing list tailored to their program destination. Included in the readings section of their MyCIEE account, the list helps students remember to bring the most important items! 

As a rule of thumb, students should be sure to pack the following items: 

  • Personal documents 
  • Medical prescriptions to last for the entire program 
  • Electric adapter/plugs 
  • Laptop, entertainment devices, and/or games 
  • Appropriate clothes for the time of the year and country’s weather 

It is important to bring any other necessary item that may be difficult to get while living outside the U.S.  

With the Priority Deadline Discount, students who apply early to their program receive a $400 discount to help lower their high school semester abroad costs. Another way to make their program more affordable is through fundraising. 

Founded in 1947, CIEE is the most tenured and largest international exchange nonprofit organization in the U.S.  

Our high school semester abroad programs include carefully-screened high schools and host families as well as group excursions, which are made possible by our decades of experience and in-country resources. With our own study centers at each high school semester abroad location, our students on program are guaranteed 24/7 support from local CIEE staff. Safety is our #1 priority and students receive international insurance to cover accidents or illnesses throughout their stay. 

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What Students Are Saying

  • “I had an overwhelmingly positive experience with my school, host family, and other students in the program. The immersive experience was definitely eye-opening and really helpful for my language abilities.” 

    Rebecca K. | Global Navigator Alum | High School Abroad in Spain

  • “This has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. I have made life-long friends and gotten to experience the wonders of Ireland with them.” 

    Logan B. | Global Navigator Alum | High School Abroad in Ireland

  • “Deciding to study abroad was the best decision of my life. By immersing myself in the culture, I was able to learn a new language and create unforgettable memories.” 

    Jamie M. | Global Navigator Alum | High School Abroad in Italy

  • “It is an amazing opportunity to be able to go abroad. I have met the greatest people and have had the time of my life while being here." 

    Chastyn M. | Global Navigator Alum | High School Abroad in Denmark

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