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  • Córdoba
    By Payton F.
    Hola, and welcome to a new place in Spain! Last Saturday we went on our first of a few CIEE weekend trips; the first one being to Córdoba. This lovely...keep reading
  • New Year, New Us
    By Anne Jiang at CIEE
    I still can’t decipher whether anxiety or excitement took center stage last Monday as I took the tram to the CIEE study center in Rabat for the first time in...keep reading
  • Cathedral of Seville
    By Payton F.
    One of the prettiest views so far has been the Catedral, which we went on a tour of. Both the inside and outside are gorgeous, and it was really interesting...keep reading
    The First Month in Germany
    By Kelly T.
    My second weekend in Germany, I had the opportunity to go to Leipzig with the Open Campus students. We took a train on Friday an hour and a half south...keep reading
  • A Brief Intro
    By Payton F.
    Hello and welcome to my blog about Seville! My name is Payton! I'm actually still a highschool student, but I'm finished will all my classes and am graduating when I...keep reading
    Simple Nostalgia
    By Anne Jiang at CIEE
    Spending the last two weeks back in the US after my first semester in Morocco, I’ve been able to enjoy so many comforts of home that I’ve missed these last...keep reading
  • Orientation In Berlin
    By Kelly T.
    Today was a little bit of a hectic day. I had a Berlin city tour starting at 9:30 and it ended up raining for all of it. It was not...keep reading

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