CIEE Alumni 2019 Valentine's Day Special: International Stories of Love

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CIEE Alumni

In honor of Valentine's Day, we're sharing alumni stories about international love. Whether it's finding love, growing love, or love of place, CIEE alumni all over the world told their stories of "exchange program love" - showing us a different type of life-changing experience that you can have abroad. Enjoy these special stories!

Okan Altan

"We were together to celebrate my Turkish friend’s birthday party. As my manager had told me before, in this lounge people meet with each other and exchange culture. Ola was teaching traditional Polish folk dance with her Polish friends to everyone and that is when she first held my hand."

Kaitlyn McIntosh

"I studied in Europe in the Fall of 2016 on a multi-destination CIEE program. I started in Rome, then moved to Paris, and finished my time abroad in Berlin. Little did I know that I was saving the best destination for last, where I would not only fall in love with the city, but I would meet the love of my life!"

Guxim Klinaku

"Gresë and I knew each other before, but it was during our CIEE Work & Travel USA program in the U.S. that we really connected. Traveling does that to you – it makes you closer by bringing people together to face the challenges and to enjoy the adventures. "

Photo by Stephanie Eichman

Nicholas Mider

"In a place like Vietnam, where neither one of us really had a comfort zone, we relied on each other’s friendship. It was either swim together or sink together."


Annie Bradford

"I met my boyfriend Zach in Barcelona, which is ridiculous for a number of reasons. Not the least of which being that we found a photo of the two of us at the same party from six months before."



Do you have your own international love story to share for next year's feature? Email and tell us about it!

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