Legal Responsibilities

Hosting an international intern or trainee is a fantastic opportunity to bring energy, new ideas, and cultural diversity to your workplace. There are just a few legal responsibilities to be aware of while hosting:


The U.S. Department of State requires all paid J-1 interns and trainees to be covered by their host organization’s workers’ compensation policy (unless the organization is exempt by state law). If the intern or trainee is unpaid, CIEE may be able to accept coverage under a general liability policy; however, this depends on your host organization’s industry and requires your general liability policy to cover your international intern or trainee in case of an accident during their training program.

For questions about workers’ compensation, please contact us.


All host organizations are required to provide a work environment that is free of discrimination and harassment – sexual, racial, or otherwise. “Work environment” is defined as anywhere your intern or trainee is training: in your office, an off-site work location, at a social or non-social function sponsored by your organization, etc. Host organizations must also endeavor to prevent harassment of your intern or trainee by any individual who is on your premises or has a business or other relationship with your organization. This includes vendors and clients. Note that we advise our interns and trainees to report discrimination and harassment to CIEE immediately.

Thank you for supporting your international intern or trainee!