Completing the Program

As your participant’s program comes to an end, they will be wrapping up projects, enjoying final social events with their American friends, and visiting local attractions for the last time. You, as their host organization, will also have a few tasks to complete:

  • Confirm your participant’s last day. This should be the end date listed on the Form DS-2019.
  • Arrange for the final paycheck to be delivered. If your intern, trainee, or professional receives a stipend, be sure to make arrangements to deliver their final paycheck. If the participant has not set up direct deposit with your organization, this may involve mailing a check to their home country.
  • Collect the participant’s contact information and home country address. You will need this information to send their W-2 at the end of the tax year.
  • Write a letter or recommendation. If you feel your intern, trainee, or professional has successfully completed their program, then you may want to write them a letter of recommendation; this will be an invaluable tool they can use to advance their career upon return to their home country.
  • Complete the CIEE program evaluation. You will receive a program evaluation by email just before your participant returns home. Please make time to complete this evaluation; it is a U.S. Department of State requirement and also helps CIEE improve our programs for future participants. For more information about evaluations, please click here.

We hope this was a great experience for your organization and that you choose to host an international intern, trainee, or professional again!