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Change of Host Organization

If you think you need to change your Host Organization, you should contact CIEE as soon as possible to discuss your situation. Changes of Host Organization are granted only in rare cases. Please read the following information carefully before proceeding.

When does CIEE allow a Change of Host Organization?

A change of Host Organization is granted in the rare case when it is determined that a program participant and a Host Organization cannot continue the internship. Should this situation arise, CIEE Customer Service staff will provide you with assistance and guidance.

Acceptable reasons for requesting a change of Host Organization include:

  • Financial difficulties at your Host Organization
  • Unwillingness or inability of the Host Organization to follow the training plan
  • Host Organization unwillingness or inability to provide appropriate support and supervision
  • Conflict between you and your Host Organization that cannot be resolved
  • Physical or emotional abuse, or harassment by co-workers or management at your Host Organization

Please note that CIEE cannot grant a Change of Host Organization to participants with less than 25% of their total internship duration remaining.

The Process: What to Expect

The CIEE Customer Service Department will discuss the problems you are experiencing and work with you to address the issue. They will also contact your Host Organization to discuss the issues and determine their willingness and/or ability to resolve the problem. You will also be requested to submit a personal statement describing why you want to change your Host Organization, and whether you have identified a new Host Organization.

If it is determined that it is not possible for you to continue your program with your current host organization, a change of host organization may be granted. Your new host organization will need to complete a new DS-7002 Training/Internship Placement Plan, which both you and your new supervisor should review and sign. You should also submit your original DS-2019.

A change of host organization will only be approved by CIEE in extenuating circumstances and you must not change your host organization without the express prior consent of CIEE. Failure to notify CIEE prior to leaving your initial host organization will result in your withdrawal from the program, and you will be required to return to your home country.


Once you have submitted all required materials, CIEE will process your Change of Host Organization application within five to seven business days. If your new host organization requires a site visit, this can take three or four additional business days. You should not begin training with your new host organization until your new Training Plan has been approved. The CIEE Customer Service Associate working with you will notify you if/when your application has been approved and when you may start your new program.

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