Extending, Changing, or Ending Your Program Early

When plans change – and sometimes they do – CIEE will do everything possible to accommodate you. Whether you want to extend your program, change your host organization, or end your program early, know that we’re here to help. For more information, please continue reading below.

Program Extensions

If your host organization is interested in extending your program and you have not yet reached the maximum program duration, it may be possible to extend your program. To qualify for a program extension, you must:

  • Extend your program by at least three weeks
  • Remain with your original host organization
  • Not exceed the maximum program length (12 months for Internship USA and 18 months for Professional Career Training USA)

What is an extension for? It’s a great opportunity to add value to your program by expanding your training to develop new skills. You and your supervisor should meet to discuss what new skills you’d like to acquire and what opportunities exist. If all is going very well at your internship or training position, don’t be shy about asking for an extension!

Please note: It is not possible to extend your program after your DS-2019 expires.

To apply for a program extension, contact your CIEE international representative four to six weeks in advance of your original internship end date. They will help you assemble your extension application and submit it to CIEE for review. Once CIEE receives the application, the review takes about 15 business days. If the extension application and new, progressive training plan are approved, CIEE will send a new DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status to your host organization.
To apply for an extension, you will need:

  • A completed CIEE Application for Program Extension
  • Copies of your original DS-2019, J-1 visa, and passport
  • A new DS-7002 outlining the proposed additional training

Please note: It is important that extension training continues to build upon skills you have already obtained; however, it cannot be duplicative of training you’ve already completed.

It’s very important that participants not leave or change their host organization without approval from CIEE. While extremely rare, there are valid reasons for requesting a change of host organization. These include:

  • Financial difficulties at the host organization (bankruptcy, for example)
  • Unwillingness or inability of the host organization to follow the training plan or provide appropriate support and supervision
  • Conflict between the participant and host organization that cannot be resolved
  • Physical or emotional abuse, or harassment by colleagues or management

If such a problem arises, please contact CIEE immediately at 1-888-268-6245 or at contact@ciee.org. We’ll work with your host organization to address the issue. If no resolution is possible or a change of host organization is still desired, you will be asked to submit a personal statement describing why the change is being requested and whether a new host organization has been identified.

Please note: If a change of host organization is granted, the new host organization must complete a new DS-7002 Training/Internship Placement Plan. A site visit may be required (please share our site visit requirements with your new host organization). Remember, too, that CIEE is not allowed to change a host organization for participants who have less than 25% of their program duration remaining.

If an unexpected circumstance or event requires you to end your internship or training position before your program ends, please tell your supervisor at your host organization and contact CIEE as soon as possible at 1-888-268-6245 or at contact@ciee.org. Please provide a brief explanation of your reasons for leaving, the date you will leave the U.S., a summary of your departure flight details, your DS-2019 number, and your supervisor’s full name and telephone number.

Ending your program will involve the following steps:

  • The participant and host organization must agree to a last day of training. Depending on the situation, this can be immediate. However, you should give two weeks’ notice (if possible).
  • Host organizations should use these two weeks to plan the end of your training.
  • Your DS-2019 will be shortened to reflect your last day at your host organization.
  • CIEE insurance will be canceled one day after you depart from the U.S.

Please note: A participant cannot shorten their current program for the purpose of starting another program.

Program Extensions
1-Year Graduate USA Visa Program participants may not extend their programs beyond 12 months. However, you may extend a shorter internship up to your program end date. To do so, new phases must be added to your current DS-7002. These new phases, which need to be completed by your supervisor and submitted to CIEE for review, must outline new skills and tasks; they cannot be duplicative of training already completed. For instruction on how to add new phases to your current DS-7002, please contact CIEE customer service.
Please note: You are not permitted to continue training beyond your original end date until the new phases of your DS-7002 have been submitted and approved by CIEE.

Changing Host Organizations
After concluding one internship, you may participate in another. To do so, a new DS-7002 must be completed and signed by you and your supervisor; then it must be approved by CIEE. You are not permitted to start your new internship until after the new DS-7002 has been approved.