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  • The Halfway Point
    By Melissa Merfeld-Westland at CIEE
    We are now past the halfway mark - Mara and Grace have been staying with us for over 5 months. Back in August we felt as though we had so...keep reading
  • Celebrating the New Year
    By Mara T.
    Happy New Year! This month's blogpost I do not only want to talk about our New Years celebration on December 31, but also the Lunar New Year that I celebrated...keep reading
    Mid-Year Report and Seminar
    By Skyler F.
    If you live in the Southeast, you will be going with the organization Experiment e.V. to Germany. You need to complete 15 service hours along with a Mid-Year Report detailing...keep reading
  • Christmas Market Mayhem
    By Lauren M.
    Grüß dich! Being an exchange student means you have a couple of bucket list items. One of my most anticipated activities was the Christmas markets. Determined to see as many...keep reading
    New Year's Eve
    By Skyler F.
    In Germany, New Year's Eve is a very big holiday. Nearly everyone gathers for a party and to set off fireworks, very much like in the United States. Along with...keep reading
  • Christmas in the U.S.
    By Mara T.
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year everybody! My December revolved, as most of yours probably did too, around Christmas. It was an amazing and very exciting time for me...keep reading
  • The Best Yes
    By Melissa Merfeld-Westland at CIEE
    The food is prepped, the noise makers are laid out, and we are ready to celebrate as another year comes to a close. My life looked very different at the...keep reading