Authored By:

Monste M.

This christmas break was very different than my christmas breaks at home, and not only because I´m on another country, but because I got to experience new traditions with new people.

This christmas break, we drove to South Carolina to meet my host family family for the holidays. It was a long drive, but it was worht it! We stopped at North Carolina and visited Charlotte and we also stopped and Buccee's just to live the experience! Once in South Caroline, we celebrated Christmas Eve together with all the family and we ate lasagna (as a family tradition). On Christmas Day, the kids do the breakfast, so me and my host sister cooked crepes for breakfast. After that we opened the presents and stockings and we had Christmas dinner and a couple of days after we did the White Elephant, another family tradition.

But that is not all that I did in South Carolina, we also took long walks on the beach, visited beautiful places and did plenty of fun plans such as mini golf and baking.

Summarizing, it was such a different but fun Christmas break!!