Weihnachtsmärkte: Münster

Authored By:

Zoe S.

As Christmas approaches faster than ever, the Christmas markets, or Weihnachtsmärkte all around Germany will soon come to a close. If there is one thing I’ve throughly enjoyed during the Christmas season in Germany, it is without a doubt the Christmas markets. It’s a cozy, wonderful feeling to be surrounded by stream from the Glühwein (warm alcoholic drink) and Bratwurst (sausage) stalls. The Christmas market in Münster, specifically, is one of my favorite markets in all of northern Germany. Because Münster is one of my favorite places in Germany, I thought I’d write a little bit about the features of its Christmas markets and a couple places to stop by while you’re in the city!

The Christmas markets in Münster are the perfect place to grab a snack while you walk through the beautiful city. Most importantly, the food is warm!

Glühwein: A steaming mug full of Glühwein (or if you’re on the CBYX scholarship, Kinderpunch) is a must-have during the Winter season in Germany. In the USA, it is called mulled wine and an aromatic drink with honey, cinnamon, and other spices and flavors. A quick tip if you want a cute mug as a memento from your trip is to keep the Pfand (deposit) that you pay upfront. Normally, when you return your cup you will get your Pfand back, but if you want an easy Christmas present or a new mug, keeping your Pfand is a good way to do so.

I would also highly recommend a hot bowl of Champignon mushrooms covered in garlic sauce, which you can easily find within a few minutes of walking through the markets. I used to be the number one mushroom hater, but after trying the mushrooms from the Christmas market I was forever changed. Mushrooms have a special place in my heart now.

A couple other good, warm food recommendations are a classic order of Pommes and bratwurst, which are very German. Pommes with mayonnaise is my go-to, especially since it tastes so much better in Germany than in the USA. Churros are also another good warm treat. The hot sugar melts on your tongue,  and you can order them with Nutella or other toppings.

The last treat I would recommend getting are the chocolate covered grapes, which are at every Christmas market I’ve been to. Before coming to Germany, I had never heard of or tried chocolate grapes and initially I thought they might taste a little strange. After my friends strongly suggested trying them on a trip to the Münster Christmas markets with my exchange student club from school, I found them actually so yummy and very crunchy.

In addition to the tasty food from the Christmas markets, there are a few places in Münster that I definitely enjoyed seeing.

The Lamberti Kirche: The St. Lamberti Kirche is a Catholic Church at the end of the Prinzipalmarktes street, and a beautiful piece of architecture. The church is incredibly old, and was first built around the late 1300s. A recent development to the church is the installation of the „Himmelsleiter“ which translates roughly to „Ladder to Heaven“ . It is a 48 meter tall structure in the shape of a ladder that lies against the steeple of the church. In the dark, it can be seen from anywhere near the center of the city glowing brightly. A part of the structure is also visible from the inside of the church.

Engelenschanze Park: This is a small park a 5 minute walk away from the Bahnhof, and very pretty. There is a path that goes through the park for walkers and bikers surrounded completely by trees. Münster is actually the biking capital in all of Germany, and the number of bicycles will definitely surprise you if you’ve never visited before. A couple meters away from the biking path is another path that goes through a beautiful forested area one can walk through. Along the path is a small stream carpeted with green moss

LWL Museum für Kunst und Kultur: This is an art museum a 15-20 minute walk from the Hauptbahnhof, and a must-see if you are ever in Münster. The museum has several exhibits spanning over all time periods. They have artwork from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque periods, and modern art. Although I am no expert on art, I have been to the Folkwang Art Museum in Essen and the Ludwig Museum in Köln, and I personally found the LWL Museum to be the most beautiful museum of them all. The layout of the museum is also very natural and you can tell how much thought was put into not only the exhibits but the architecture as well.

Münster is a wonderful city, and one of my favorite cities in Germany. During the Christmas season it is full of life and festivity. Outside of the Christmas season it has much to offer. Münster is an artistic and cultural capital, and if you are ever in North Germany I would highly recommend stopping by.

Ciao ciao for now!

Zoe Schauder