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At Starbucks!
By Lindsey V.
Hello everyone! Currently I am sitting inside of a Starbucks here in France. I’d actually like to include this in my list of differences for today, because it’s quite interesting...keep reading
  • Camera Rollin'
    By Gizelle W.
    There’s something truly ungodly about modern technology. I just flipped through my camera roll, holding down the right-arrow button out of nothing more than boredom; with that, my life literally...keep reading
  • Prag
    By Asha R.
    Let me tell you, getting from Bedburg, Germany to Prague in the Czech Republic is physically and mentally exhausting. First of all, do not book the wrong return date for...keep reading
  • Favorites
    By Suzanna S.
    It takes a while to figure out a city, to become a true citizen whose life is based upon the place. One needs to cease the incessant gawking that seems...keep reading
  • "American" Food
    By Asha R.
    In every German supermarket I've been in so far, there hasn't been a single time that I haven't seen food with an American flag on the packaging or the word...keep reading

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