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Italy: A Day in My Life

By Ayana L.

I am currently studying abroad in Fano, a seaside town on the coast of the Adriatic Sea in the region of Marche, Italy. For me, a typical school day in... keep reading


A guide to Seville through the lens of art and culture

By High School Semester Abroad at CIEE

Written by: Zoe Houk Welcome to Seville, Spain, the capital of Andalucía. Seville is a city filled with rich culture, art, music, food, and history. From the famous flamenco dancers... keep reading


Cake by the ocean

By Sergio Jimenez at CIEE

Our HSA students were able to travel to Cádiz, the most Southern city in Europe. Cadiz, half island, half peninsula, is connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of... keep reading


Flamenco class during Sevilla Spring Festival

By Sergio Jimenez at CIEE

If there was a time when using the flamenco- red-dress -woman-emoji was appropiate, it would be RIGHT NOW (INSERT EMOJI TIMES TEN) . Sevilla Spring Festival called FERIA is the... keep reading

Trip to London

By Finley A.

Sometimes, it's nice to take a break from the cold, to travel somewhere- a bit less cold. It was winter break, and after a discussion with my host family prior... keep reading


Sun, fun, and history in Lisbon

By Patricia Witzig at CIEE

High School Abroad Spain students were lucky to have beautiful weather combined with beautiful views for their overnight excursion. Students met early in the morning to travel together to Lisbon... keep reading

Orientation in Paris

By Finley A.

Come read about my alleged 3 day trip to Paris. The good, the bad, and the ugly.


Spanish-American Thanksgiving

By Patricia Witzig at CIEE

Thanksgiving can be a tough time for students abroad. It may be one of the most important holidays of the year for Americans, when extended family and friends get together... keep reading


Get lost in a city you don’t know: Reflections on studying abroad in Toulouse

By High School Semester Abroad at CIEE

Karla S. studied abroad in Toulouse, France, for the fall semester of her senior year on the deNoyelles scholarship for North Carolina students. She answered questions about her experience to... keep reading

La Feria de Abril

By Maya M.

For those that don’t know, Feria de Abril in Seville is the spring fair/festival that always follows two weeks after Easter Sunday. As you can tell by the name, it’s... keep reading

Family in Japan

By Kiyana P.

You know that you’re with the right host family when you’re home away from home is with them. My fabulous host family, the Sakurayashiki family. Has from day one been... keep reading

The ABC's of Studying Abroad

By Quinn B.

The procrastination for writing my first blog post has lasted six months, but better late than never! Writing about experiences abroad is important, as many students considering foreign exchange look... keep reading

Top 5 Tips for Acclimating to a New Country

By Helen S.

Moving across the world to an entirely new place without knowing anybody or anything about your surroundings can seem intimidating. Being able to smoothly and easily adapt and adjust to... keep reading

Learning Portuguese

By Trent R.

Before moving to Brazil, I had almost zero experience with Portuguese. I downloaded the Duolingo app on my phone, but I rarely used it. Until I boarded the plane from... keep reading

Welcome to Japan

By Kiyana P.

Traveling to Japan was so much fun! I started my journey at the Sacramento airport where I gave my parents and my dog Dodger a hug goodbye with some bonus... keep reading