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Behind the Scenes of a 留学生 (Ryuugakuse: Exchange Student)

By High School Semester Abroad at CIEE

“Ladies and gentlemen, Japan Airlines is pleased to welcome you to Tokyo. The local time is 22:34. Thank you for flying with us today, and we hope you fly with... keep reading

Italy: A Day in My Life

By Ayana L.

I am currently studying abroad in Fano, a seaside town on the coast of the Adriatic Sea in the region of Marche, Italy. For me, a typical school day in... keep reading


Spanish life of a high school student

By Sergio Jimenez at CIEE

Be prepared for a challenge, but also the joys of living in Spain with a Spanish family and a Spanish school. Family life can be quite different from what you... keep reading

High School Away Block III First Week

By High School Away

The Block III for the program High School Away in Monteverde Costa Rica has completed the first week of the program. During this first week, the students get to know... keep reading

A Day in My Life Going to French High School

By Ginger S.

My days start pretty early, class either starts at 8:05 or 9 depending on the day, and it takes me about 25 minutes to get to school. After I wake... keep reading

Spying on the cloud forest

By High School Away

During their stay at the CIEE Global Institute in Monteverde, Costa Rica, High School Away participants get to engage actively on an optional local research project. The CIEE Academic Director... keep reading

High School Away Has Started!

By High School Away

The program High School Away has started at our CIEE Global Institute in Monteverde. Brave high school students left their comfort at home and started this new adventure in the... keep reading


Spanish school experience

By Patricia Witzig at CIEE

Now that students have experienced a few weeks of spanish school, CIEE staff went to visit students at their schools to see how they were adjusting! Some takeaways: 1. Unlike... keep reading


The first two months of an abroad high school adventure

By Maria Paz Montes Monsalve at CIEE

Hello dear readers! This is María Paz, the High School Coordinator of Valparaíso - Chile, and I'm writing this blog to shed light on what happens during the first two... keep reading

The French School System

By Julia G.

Moving to a new country can be incredibly daunting; add getting used to a new school system on top of that, and study abroad can seem overwhelming. Before I left... keep reading

First Few Weeks

By Elise S.

It’s hard to believe my first two weeks abroad have already come to end. It seems like just yesterday 15 other eager CIEE participants and I were boarding our flight... keep reading

First Impressions

By Julia G.

Today marks three weeks since I left my home in a small suburb of NYC to start my semester abroad in Toulouse. It’s starting to sink in that this will... keep reading

Top 5 Tips for Acclimating to a New Country

By Helen S.

Moving across the world to an entirely new place without knowing anybody or anything about your surroundings can seem intimidating. Being able to smoothly and easily adapt and adjust to... keep reading

Extreme Humidity, Cancelled Buses, and New Aussie Friends

By Phoebe S.

On Friday, I finished my first week at Burnside State High School in Nambour, QLD. It's definitely safe to say that I won't forget the last few days! Tuesday morning... keep reading

Welcome to Japan

By Kiyana P.

Traveling to Japan was so much fun! I started my journey at the Sacramento airport where I gave my parents and my dog Dodger a hug goodbye with some bonus... keep reading