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Behind the Scenes of a 留学生 (Ryuugakuse: Exchange Student)

By High School Semester Abroad at CIEE

“Ladies and gentlemen, Japan Airlines is pleased to welcome you to Tokyo. The local time is 22:34. Thank you for flying with us today, and we hope you fly with... keep reading

Italy: A Day in My Life

By Ayana L.

I am currently studying abroad in Fano, a seaside town on the coast of the Adriatic Sea in the region of Marche, Italy. For me, a typical school day in... keep reading


From Arrival to Adieu: The HSA Experience

By High School Semester Abroad at CIEE

Imagine stepping off the plane into a new country, ready to explore a vibrant culture and meet friends from around the world. This is the reality for every CIEE High... keep reading


A guide to Seville through the lens of art and culture

By High School Semester Abroad at CIEE

Written by: Zoe Houk Welcome to Seville, Spain, the capital of Andalucía. Seville is a city filled with rich culture, art, music, food, and history. From the famous flamenco dancers... keep reading


Cake by the ocean

By Sergio Jimenez at CIEE

Our HSA students were able to travel to Cádiz, the most Southern city in Europe. Cadiz, half island, half peninsula, is connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of... keep reading


Hiking getaways in Sevilla

By Sergio Jimenez at CIEE

Seville GAP and HSA students continue discovering the incredible landscapes of Sevilla. Last weekend, we hiked through ancient mining routes datubg back from Roman colonization of the Iberian Peninsula. Check... keep reading

Spying on the cloud forest

By High School Away

During their stay at the CIEE Global Institute in Monteverde, Costa Rica, High School Away participants get to engage actively on an optional local research project. The CIEE Academic Director... keep reading

The First Week of Study Abroad: What I Wish I Knew

By Ginger S.

A little over a week ago I arrived in Toulouse, France for my study abroad! This week I started going to my French highschool, and I’ve thought of some things... keep reading

Orientation in Paris

By Finley A.

Come read about my alleged 3 day trip to Paris. The good, the bad, and the ugly.


Christmas already come to Madrid

By Jorge García González at CIEE

December in Madrid smells like Christmas. The cold is already felt in the streets, the Christmas lights illuminate the city and the markets decorate the squares. The illusion of young... keep reading


The first two months of an abroad high school adventure

By Maria Paz Montes Monsalve at CIEE

Hello dear readers! This is María Paz, the High School Coordinator of Valparaíso - Chile, and I'm writing this blog to shed light on what happens during the first two... keep reading


Get lost in a city you don’t know: Reflections on studying abroad in Toulouse

By High School Semester Abroad at CIEE

Karla S. studied abroad in Toulouse, France, for the fall semester of her senior year on the deNoyelles scholarship for North Carolina students. She answered questions about her experience to... keep reading

Home 8,000 Miles Away From Home

By Naia L.

Hello! My name is Naia and I'm spending my Junior Spring Semester abroad in Seville, Spain. Time has flown by and I only have 2 months remaining in this beautiful... keep reading

The ABC's of Studying Abroad

By Quinn B.

The procrastination for writing my first blog post has lasted six months, but better late than never! Writing about experiences abroad is important, as many students considering foreign exchange look... keep reading

An Introvert's Guide to Making Friends Abroad

By Phoebe S.

Hey guys, long time no blog! It's now been about 6 weeks since I arrived in Australia and the time has flown! It really doesn't feel like it's been that... keep reading