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Know Before You Go: Coordination
By High School Gap Year at CIEE
In the October Newsletter, we shared information about the Connection and Curriculum sections of the pre-departure orientation. This month, let’s take a look at Coordination . In this section, participants...keep reading
Cell Phones
By High School Gap Year at CIEE
We know you want your participant to stay connected while they are abroad. There are a few options to consider: Use their United States smartphone on WiFi: With internet calling...keep reading
Health and Safety
By High School Gap Year at CIEE
While participants are on their programs, CIEE’s Support team is ready to help! Once participants depart for their program, the Support team is their primary contact at CIEE. Both parents/guardians...keep reading
  • Know Before You Go
    By High School Gap Year at CIEE
    Let’s dive a bit deeper into the “Connection” and “Curriculum” sections of their course and then talk more about Culture Shock and Cultural Differences. In the Connection module of Canvas,...keep reading

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