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It´s not goodbye, it´s hasta luego

By Sergio Jimenez at CIEE

Our GAP program ended last week and althought we are sad to see our participants go, we are extremelly happy to have been able to offer a program that offers... keep reading


Exploring medieval castles in Sevilla

By Sergio Jimenez at CIEE

Our GAP students got the opportunity to explore two of the most important towns in the province of Seville: Alcalá de Guadaira and Utrera. Alcalá’s castle is the result of... keep reading


This could be you!

By Sergio Jimenez at CIEE

Our GAP participants get to enjoy two activities per week. These activities can go from a varity of choices: cooking class, exploring museums, visiting churches, learning the rich history of... keep reading

Gap Student Meets Reality.

By Ivana Madeline S.

Although, I'm late in the game with uploading these blogs, don't worry I'm still here! Before I started my new life in Berlin, I expected two things: 1) It will... keep reading


By Hannah S.

My semester in Berlin has been the best I could have imagined. I was able to experience an internship where I could be challenged to think outside of the box... keep reading

it's a choice

By Rachel F.

The choice to take a gap year is, obviously, different for everybody. It takes a lot of consideration and several variables to even begin considering if taking a year between... keep reading

On Independence

By Allana I.

Here in Shanghai, although I have friends, teachers, and a Chinese host family, I am ultimately on my own. I can choose to leave the house in the middle of... keep reading

breaking free

By Rachel F.

Isn’t is wild how much can change in just one year? If you stop and think of all the things that have changed in your life, it’ll seem pretty crazy... keep reading

So far so good?

By Esaaba A.

So I have been thinking a lot about what to write for this blog and I realized that it was really difficult writing something out of the blue without any... keep reading

New Year, Still Me

By Kira F.

Sometimes I wear fake bangs. I got them as a birthday present years ago, but have never dared wear them out of my house. Every so often I like to... keep reading