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I Wrote This In The Moment
By Nicole B.
Le bonheur au hasard "Where's your favorite place to be?", Francis asked. [Three weeks Later] There's something fascinating about looking outside the window during long train rides. It's the thrill...keep reading
  • I Spent a Day in Giverny!
    By Oliver H.
    I have been living in Paris for almost two months now, and I have seen many museums, cathedrals, and more that are all fantastically captivating as well as beautiful. However,...keep reading
  • Call me Princess Kira
    By Kira F.
    I love Paris, but I have decided to move. I’ll be packing my things this week and heading to my new home: Le château de Versailles. It's fitting for me...keep reading
  • Welcome, Moses!!!
    By Kira F.
    IT’S A BOY! On February 8, 2016 the CIEE Gap Year¨Program welcomed their new little miracle: Moses Milchberg. He weighed over 100 lbs and measured at a whopping six feet...keep reading
  • Le Brunch du Dimanche
    By Kira F.
    The French have mastered the art of “Sunday Brunch”. You can feel your life improving with every bite of fresh airy croissant and each sip of café au lait or...keep reading
  • Crêpes? Fancy Pancakes?
    By Kira F.
    Happy National Crêpe Day! It is an incredibly simple dish: some flour, eggs, milk, butter and you are set. Every French person and their mother gets together and celebrates this...keep reading
    By Kira F.
    Luna and Hugues send me on my way “How was Paris?!” -Everyone Paris less than amazing. It is intoxicating...everything about it filled my pores, filtered my vision, clouded my...keep reading
  • Foie Gras
    By Kira F.
    Foie Gras. It's controversial. It looks gross. It's delicious. This weekend I did the Frenchest thing I have done to date and I learned how to make it! I gathered...keep reading

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