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  • CIEE's Climate Warriors
    By High School Gap Year at CIEE
    Climate change is among the biggest concerns threatening Monteverde’s famously rich ecosystems. Due to rising global temperatures, the timing, strength, and frequency of cloud cover and rainfall is becoming increasingly...keep reading
  • San Luis
    By Owen R.
    Today I wanted to post a smaller blog on the city of San Luis. There are two main cities that people on the CIEE campus frequent often. They are Santa...keep reading
  • Who am I?
    By Owen R.
    Hello Everyone! My name is Owen, and I will be posting blogs and updates from CIEE's Monteverde campus in Costa Rica. Before I start posting about all my adventures and...keep reading
    Update: first week
    By Victoria A.
    I would like to say I haven't been active on my log yet due to my extremely busy schedule. But to be absolutely truthful, I have been in a beautiful...keep reading

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