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Ivana Madeline S.


Hey y’all! My name is Ivana Madeline Samson and I’m originally from Southern California. I’m currently 18 years old, but I’ll soon be 19 during abroad! I am part of the Global Internship Program in Berlin, Germany and I’m very thrilled to share my journey here. Before my departure to Berlin, I will share a little more about myself.

The one fact that people should know about me is that I love laughing a lot, it's seriously a hobby of mine! I think it makes life worth living if you can laugh at yourself and find joy from the little things in life.   

Another fact that people should know about me is that I love movies and making them too! I quickly fell in love with the idea of storytelling, especially in the form of cinematography, the more "adult” version of coloring. If you want to give me “chicken skin” and butterflies in my stomach, let’s talk about film! Here's a sample of a video teaser I've made for my study abroad trip in Portugal: 

Like almost every other millennial, I have become so obsessed with traveling. Ever since I set foot on a plane to the East Coast, it has been my goal to be #out of LA bound, as much as I can. This obsession has contributed to my most thrilling, yet terrifying study abroad trip to Portugal with CIEE! We studied aquatic ecosystems, conservation and sustainability, which was an ironic course for me to study. It was an accident that helped me overcome my fear of the ocean and all its fascinating sea life down below. After the trip, I've grown to become an ocean conservation enthusiast! Adventures like this encourage me to see more of the world. 

Took a train to Downtown Lisboa!
Journaling in Peniche!
Photo for blog post Meet Ivana Madeline

But in the meantime, I have learned to appreciate the cheap adventures too! Swimming at the beach, watching movies with friends, eat at cute cafes, have photography shoots, play musical insturments, and small tourist trips to Los Angeles are some that I treasure with my small devoted heart. 

Photo for blog post Meet Ivana Madeline
Photo for blog post Meet Ivana Madeline
Photo for blog post Meet Ivana Madeline

If you have gotten this far in this post, thank you. The next time I will be posting is when I'm in Berlin. See you in Berlin! 


Yours truly,

Ivana Madeline Samson