The First Month in Germany

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Kelly T.

Kelly T.

My second weekend in Germany, I had the opportunity to go to Leipzig with the Open Campus students. We took a train on Friday an hour and a half south of Berlin to beautiful Leipzig. I made the decision on Friday to go and visit the Apotheken Museum and learn about old forms of medical practices. I was surprised to find out that Leipzig is actually the birth place of homeopathy.


Later that day, everyone who went to the museum with me went to a delicious dinner. 


The next day, we had the option of either exploring Leipzig by ourselves or signing up for different tours. I chose to go to the Monument to the Battle of the Nations. This monument is absolutely breathtaking and not at all what I expected it to be. It looks like a classic monumnet but built with modern technology, though modern as in 1913. It is 91 meters tall and you have the option of climbing all the way to the top to get a spectacular view of Leipzig. 


I then decided to also do a walking tour of Leipzig in order to get to know the city better. We learned all about the city, including the peaceful protests that helped bring down the wall in 1989 and the most prominent historical figures includign Goethe, Bach, and Mozart. While there, I was able to go visit Johann Sebatian Bach's grave and see the church in which he performed and wrote many of his creations. All in all, Leipzig is a city mixed of old and new. It has bustling shopping centers and historical monuments. I truly feel like I only got a slight taste for it and would love to go back and see more.


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