CIEE Exchange Alum; Empowering Her Community

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Praise Onyegiri participated in the Work & Travel USA program in 2017 and is a recent graduate of Covenant University where she majored in International Relations.  In 2019, Praise served a one-year term with the National Youth Service as a Programs Assistant at YouthHubAfrica, a youth-led non-governmental organization based in Abuja, Nigeria.  To support the organization's mission and vision, Praise came up with an idea to contribute to her community by organizing a platform where young people can have access to capacity-building opportunities which will increase their employability skills and enhance the level of development in her community.  The CIEE Exchange Ambassador Grants enabled her to make this happen.  “Receiving the acceptance email was really encouraging and exciting… I was so appreciative…this was my first time applying for any type of grant and I was also excited because I knew how much impact the workshop would have on the lives and careers of the participants.”

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Participants Taking Part in a Group Assignment

The Organization Workshop: Training of Trainers (O.W.) was a 4-day program held at the YouthHubAfrica Office in Abuja, Nigeria. The facilitator of the workshop was Dr Susan Stewart, a certified Associate/Trainer for Power+Systems. The certification training was very hands-on and interactive, and included lectures, individual and group presentations, scenarios, homework, learning simulations, and more.

Photo for blog post CIEE Exchange Alum; Empowering Her Community
Participant Presentations

Participants of The Organization Workshop: Training of Trainers are the first set of certified O.W. trainers in Nigeria. Due in part to this grant, the participants were able to receive their certification free of charge will has increased their organizational life skills, people skills, and has empowered them with a source of employment either independently or within their organizations. Participants were granted access to the Trainers Network and Resources, where they can access materials to help them deliver the workshop to more people.  Two of the certified trainers have already trained roughly 40 young professionals in Nigeria, from both private and public offices, with the knowledge and skills needed to help create a healthy working relationship among employees and employers.

Photo for blog post CIEE Exchange Alum; Empowering Her Community
 Organization Workshop: Training of Trainers Participants

Praise is currently seeking a Master’s degree program in Development Studies, which will help her gain both theoretical and practical knowledge and experience required to effect social change that will benefit her community and country.  “To me, the CIEE Exchange Ambassador Grant was a stepping stone on my journey to contribute to Nigeria’s educational system, poverty reduction and sustainable economic growth. Receiving the grant has definitely made a difference in my life.”

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