The Best Way to Add CIEE to Your LinkedIn Profile

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CIEE Alumni

CIEE Alumni

Did you know you can add CIEE to the Education section of your LinkedIn Profile? This is the best way for you to identify as a CIEE Alum. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Sign into LinkedIn, select your icon and go to your profile
  2. Scroll down, or add a profile section to Education
  3. Click the + icon
  4. Under School, type or select CIEE Council on International Educational Exchange
  5. Under Degree, indicate your program type, such as Study Abroad, Internship, Work & Travel, High School Abroad, Teach Abroad, TEFL, etc…
  6. Under Field of Study, indicate the location where you went abroad, such as Berlin, Germany or Monteverde, Costa Rica or Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
    - If you participated in the Work & Travel program, indicate the location you worked, such as Sandusky, Ohio, USA or Portland, Maine, USA
    ​- If you participated in our Open Campus Block Program, you can add more than one location, either in Field of Study or in the Description section
  7. Be sure to indicate when you studied abroad under Start/End Year
  8. You can leave Grade/Activities and Societies blank
  9. Add additional details under Description, or summarize your program details, for example…
    Participated in CIEE's Summer Global Internship Program
    Internship at Kultmacher (Berlin, Germany)
  10. You are also able to add additional content in the Media section, where you can upload various documents, photos, sites, videos, or presentations.
  11. Once completed, press Save, and your CIEE education section will look similar to this:

By putting CIEE under Education on your LinkedIn profile, you'll more easily be able to find and connect with other alumni who have participated in similar programs or traveled to the same location. Go to CIEE: Council for International Educational Exchange and click on Alumni in the left column navigation. This will let you see and search for other CIEE alums!

And don't forget to join the CIEE Alumni Global Network group as well.

For any questions, email Or send us an email and let us know what you're doing now. We love to hear from you!

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