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This site will help you understand the essence of our brand and how to use it in a way that will strengthen all CIEE communications and add consistency across business units. For additional support, please visit our FAQ page.


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Visual Guidelines

The Visual Guidelines section contains instructions for the correct use of the CIEE logo, color palette, typography, business unit and site logos, graphics, photography, and taglines. Anyone involved in the creation, design, and/or updating of marketing print and digital assets will want to familiarize themselves with this material to ensure all communications adhere to the brand guidelines by December 2020.

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Application Guidelines

The Application Guidelines section contains printable pdfs of all style guides as well as blog resources, social media guidelines, and more. All employees should become familiar with the material in this section to help ensure brand consistency across the board.

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The Downloads section contains brand assets including: CIEE LOGO and site artwork, typography and fonts, Microsoft templates for PowerPoint and Word, tagline artwork, and custom email signature template.

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The CIEE Message

A brand is more than a logo, a color, a typeface. As human beings, we are the total sum of how we look, how we sound, what we stand for and what we do. The same is true for a brand.  At the heart of a brand is the commitment it makes and the promises it keeps. Messaging is how we communicate those two things. And effective messaging is one that is created with eyes turned to the external world:

  • Why should people care about what we are doing? Why does it matter? 
  • Whose hearts and minds are we looking to capture?
  • What do they want to know?
  • Are the claims we are making believable?

Messaging will provide strategic focus to all of our communications. Whether it's copy for our website, materials for a tradeshow or an email to participants, remember that message consistency helps build a strong and engaging brand that attracts the attention of our audience.


For questions regarding the CIEE brand, please contact:

Luci Geraci 
Vice President, Marketing