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Sponsoring Your J-1 Professor Visa

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CIEE Professor USA is for professors from around the world who wish to research, teach, lecture, observe, or consult in a university, research facility, library, or similar type of institution in the U.S. If that sounds like you – and you have a pre-arranged opportunity, but not a visa sponsor – then we can help.

With CIEE, Your Dream of Collaborating on a Global Scale Is Within Reach. We Provide:

Visa Sponsorship – Valid up to 5 Years!

Program Orientation and Monitoring

24/7 Multilingual Support

Examples of Eligible Projects

A language instructor from Germany teaches the German language on a non-tenure track appointment at a university in Washington.

How It Works

Our goal is to make the application and immigration process easy. That way you can spend your time focusing on what really matters: international collaboration.

As a CIEE Professor USA participant, you will:

  • Fill out an application and gather supporting documents
  • Submit your application
  • Schedule your visa interview with your nearest American embassy
  • Book your airfare
  • Travel to the U.S., visit your host organization, and get started!


Have You Been Invited to the

United States?

Keep in mind that CIEE is not a placement service. In other words, we do not find host organizations on behalf of our participants. CIEE acts solely as the visa sponsor for participants who have pre-arranged opportunities in the U.S. Learn more about finding a placement.

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