Welcome to Sevilla

Authored By:

Maggie G.

I’ve finished my two weeks abroad, and man, it has been a whirlwind. My flight to Sevilla was not exactly smooth and I’m still feeling the effects of jetlag. To be completely honest, upon putting my bag down on my new bed, in a new house, in a new country, the homesickness and fatigue hit me fast and hard. At that moment all I wanted to do was jump back on the plane and climb into my Californian bed.

That said, every day I’m here I feel more and more at home and I fall more and more in love with Sevilla. Though I did develop a cold (more on that later), the effects of jetlag are starting to wear off and I’m beginning to adjust to the eating schedule. Sevilla is a gorgeous city with a million picturesque street corners and quaint cafes. While at first I was apprehensive about the other people in my group, I’ve come to know them really well and am glad I’m sharing this experience with them. My host mom is incredibly caring and makes delicious lunches. Though Spanish class is difficult, requires a lot of concentration and is very tiring, I notice my Spanish improving every day.

One of the biggest differences between home and Spain is the health care system. At home I have free state health care because I’m only eighteen and do not have a job but it covers the bare minimum. Here pharmacists train for years so can tell them your symptoms and they can tell you which over-the-counter medicine is best. Also you only end up spending a couple euros because the prices are set by the government, not pharmaceutical companies. I’ve been to the doctor twice now because of my throat and it has only cost me 40 euros each time. In the U.S. a consultation with a doctor outside of my insurance would cost me hundreds of dollars. While I would like to be rid of my cold so I can enjoy Sevilla more, Spain seems like a good country in which to be sick!

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: 1) The ceiling of the Mezquita in Córdoba 2)Mosaic in Sevilla 3) The gardens at the Alcazar in Sevilla 4) La Catedral in Sevilla 5) Sunset over the Guadalquivir in Sevilla 6) Street art in Sevilla 7)Orange trees in Barrio Santa Cruz 8) The Mezquita in Córdoba