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Kelly T.

Kelly T.

My name is Kelly Tobin. Although I am only 18 years old, I am already a self-proclaimed globetrotter and aspiring linguist--I have lived throughout the United States, in the Netherlands, and in Switzerland. I have also visited 32 different countries, including Turkey, Morocco, Peru, India and Ghana. While living abroad I studied German, Spanish, and Dutch. However, my passion is for all things German!  I studied the German language as part of my high school curriculum for the past three years. Now that I have graduated, I am embarking on a gap year that will take me to India in the fall and then to Germany in the spring where I will complete my German language training through CIEE.

I chose CIEE for several reasons. First, CIEE has been around since 1947, which means they have a good success record. Second, they tailor the program to my language level, making sure I will continue to learn instead of revisiting things I have already done. Finally, I get to live with a host family and experience the life and culture intimately. The host family will also help me use my German skills in a real life situation. Doing this blog means that I get to share my love and passion of the German language and culture with others. My hope is for people to read this blog and get interested in the amazing country that Germany is and that it will inspire my readers to visit and experience the culture themselves!


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