Exploring Roman ruins...

Authored By:

Sergio Jimenez

Our GAP students went on a day trip to Itálica, Sevilla.  Italica was an important Roman cultural center as well as one of the first Roman settlements in Spain. If that’s not cool enough, when you visit you can walk around a large amphitheater where they used to hold gladiator fights and other sporting events. It was the third largest amphitheater in the Roman world, which helps give an idea of Italica’s importance at the time. Italica was first settled in 206 BC and two of its citizens, Trajan and Hadrian, would later become Roman emperors. However, during their reign the city fell to ruins and it was used as a source of stone for building Seville.

The ruins are very well preserved. It is also a film location for Game of Thrones, one of many in and around Seville.