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Maggie G.

This year, but this semester in particular, has taught me so much. In our Global Competence Course last week our program director asked us to describe our experience in Spain in just six words. I think mine was very accurate in encapsulating my experience: “Crash course in adulting, in Spanish.” I’ve learned so many things that are necessary for adulthood but I’ve learned them in a language that is not my own. Before this trip I hadn’t been to the doctor by myself very many times and I certainly had never had blood drawn (something that I hate). I’ve been to the doctor five times abroad. I’ve gotten shots and blood drawn, all in Spanish, all on my own. I’ve dealt with airline companies and convinced Spanish passport control to let me back through security. I’ve been homesick and had to struggle through explaining to my host family my feelings. So many things that are already difficult for any young adult in English, I have done in another language, in another country, without much or any help from others. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve also thrived here and will be very sad to leave. Any difficulties here have just over prepared me for difficulties as an adult in the U.S. Before my gap year I was a bit worried for the transition between high school and college. Now, that seems like a piece of cake!

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