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The Training Plan (DS-7002)

What is the DS-7002 Training/Internship Placement Plan?

This form is required by the U.S. Department of State and is the official outline of your training. It must be completed by your host organization, and gives them an opportunity to clearly describe what you will be doing during your internship.

Why is it Important?

The DS-7002 helps guide you and your Host Organization towards a successful experience. Once it is complete, you will see that it contains lots of useful information to help you understand what your learning objectives will be, what your Host Organization expects from you, and what you should expect to gain from your experience.

It is also a critical part of your CIEE program application. As your Sponsor, CIEE must ensure that your program meets the program regulations and guidelines. The DS-7002 helps CIEE to understand what your host organization does, and the kind of internship they can offer. Your DS-7002 will be an important part of your application review.

What Does a Good Training Plan Look Like?

When your Host Organization fills out the DS-7002, we are looking to easily understand what the company does, and the nature of the experience they are offering you. If you look at the plan and don’t understand it, there’s a good chance we won’t either. It is important that the training plan be detailed. Both you and CIEE should understand what you will be doing on a day-to-day basis, know what skills you will be contributing to the company, and what the company will teach you. If your company needs help completing the DS-7002, they can contact CIEE for guidance at 1-888-268-5245.

What are your Responsibilities in Completing the DS-7002?

You should take responsibility for understanding what your Host Organization is looking for and what kind of program they can offer. We highly encourage you and your Host Organization to communicate during the application process. Let your Host Organization know what your skills are, your education level, and English ability. Talk about what you can offer them and find out what kind of skills they can teach you. Make sure that you read your training plan and that both you and your Host Organization agree on its contents.

Once you have reviewed the plan online and agreed to it, you must electronically sign and date the “Trainee/Intern Signature” section. Your electronic signature is your acknowledgement that you understand and agree to the training plan.

DS-7002 Instructions for Host Organizations

Host Organizations are required to complete an online DS-7002 Training Plan outlining the details of the internship. This is a step-by-step guide for Host Organizations on how to complete the new electronic DS-7002.

DS-7002 Instructions for Participants

As a J-1 participant you will need to review and sign the DS-7002 that is completed by your Host Organization. Use this step-by-step guide to complete your portion of the online DS-7002.

For questions about completing the online DS-7002, contact Customer Services at or 1-888-268-5245.

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