J-2 Visas for Dependents

Most CIEE Internship USA and Professional Career Training USA participants are allowed to bring their dependents – a spouse and/or any unmarried children under 21 – with them to the U.S on a J-2 visa. It is a wonderful way to extend the exchange experience to your whole family!

Please note: Participants of the 1-Year Graduate USA Visa Program are not permitted to bring dependents.

How To Apply For A J-2 Visa

  • Submit a CIEE J-2 Dependent Application form as part of your initial application.
  • Book a visa interview at the U.S. Embassy for your dependents.
  • Contact your CIEE international representative with any questions; they are there to help by providing forms and ensuring your application is filled out correctly and completely.

Information Required For Each Dependent Applying For A J-2 Visa:

  • Comprehensive biographical information, including name, date of birth, dates of travel, contact, and passport information.
  • A copy of his or her passport.
  • Proof of status – a marriage certificate for a spouse, or a birth certificate for a child.
  • Some applicants will be required to provide proof of insurance coverage for the dependent’s entire stay in the U.S. Check with your international representative for details.
  • Proof of adequate finances – $1,000/month per dependent. Proof includes bank statements or an offer letter from your host organization showing that you will be making enough money to cover your dependents.