Jamesly's Story

Hospitality Internship in Newport, Rhode Island

This internship opportunity in Rhode Island gave Jamesly valuable skills and lasting memories.

This photo was taken on June 25th in Newport, Rhode Island with my colleagues : Alex Pendergrass, F&B Supervisor, Bradon Materese, Guest Services Manager, Jocelyn Evans, Guest Services Agent, Pravin Bhaite, Andrei Golban F&B servers. This photo is so special to me because when I first started working in Newport I had no idea where my internship was going since it was my first time working in hospitality, but the support of these guys has helped me gain confidence in what I could do and also gave me a better understanding of this industry.

Through this internship, I have learned that America is a very diversified community, and as you can see in this photo we are from different countries such as: India, Moldavia, Haiti and the US and we all have the same objective, which is to contribute to the success of this company. I think that America is what it is today because of its ability to embrace diversity. For me, America means a lot. It means opportunity and diversity, since it has provided golden opportunities to people from all over the world to grow economically, professionally and personally. As many other people, I intend to take advantage of this opportunity so I would be able to contribute one way or another to the workforce in my country, Haiti.

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