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Want to experience life in the U.S. and improve your career prospects back home? With CIEE Internship USA, you can do both!

In addition to acquiring new abilities that will serve you throughout your career, living in the U.S. and interning at a U.S. company for up to 12 months will give you valuable firsthand insight into American culture and business practices, as well as the chance to polish your English skills. Along the way, you’ll be able to share ideas with American colleagues, make important new business connections, and build lifelong friendships.

How it works

Taking the next step

Check Eligibility

If you’ve decided to take advantage of the great learning opportunity that international exchange offers – or if you’re seriously considering it – you’ll want to learn more. You can do that on this website, and by talking with your CIEE international representative.

Before you do anything else, confirm that you meet the eligibility requirements for the program. Then, you’ll need to secure an internship with a U.S. company. (You’ll find helpful tips for doing that here.)

Are you eligible?


CIEE provides a comprehensive online orientation that will answer all your questions. You can complete the orientation any time after you receive your DS-2019 form (authorizing you to train in the U.S.), but you must complete it before you travel to the U.S. CIEE will send you a reminder and instructions for logging on 30 days before your departure. Before logging on, make sure you have high-speed internet access and that any pop-up blockers are disabled.

Start Your Orientation

Visa Sponsor

You’ll also need a J-1 Visa sponsor to oversee your program, approve your training plan, and make sure your experience in the U.S. provides both high-level professional development and positive, life-changing exposure to a new culture. That’s where CIEE comes in.

We can help you get started, even if you have not yet arranged an internship. We have the information you need to understand how the process works, start your search, secure an internship position, prepare a training plan, and much more.

How the Program Works

Below is a basic guide to the process of hosting a CIEE-sponsored J-1 international intern or trainee. This guide starts at the point when a host organization and applicant have agreed on the internship or training and are ready to apply for the J-1 Visa program. Please note that certain situations may not follow this exact scenario. If you are in direct contact with your applicant’s CIEE international representative, he or she may give you specific instructions that differ from those below.

CIEE advises applicants to allow at least four to six weeks for the application process from the time they accept an internship or training position. Sometimes, the process can be expedited at an additional cost. For more information, contact your applicant’s CIEE international representative directly.

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Applicant Contacts CIEE International Representative
The applicant contacts a CIEE international representative for application materials and login information to begin the creation of the online Training Plan.


Agree on Training Plan
The host organization and applicant agree on the content of the Training Plan. Both parties electronically sign the Training Plan.


Application and Training Plan Submitted
The applicant submits complete program application, including the online Training Plan, to his or her international representative. The applicant or his or her international representative may contact you at this stage if he or she needs additional information.


Application Reviewed at CIEE Headquarters
The international representative sends the complete application to CIEE headquarters for review. CIEE may contact you at this stage to confirm the details of the training.


CIEE Approves Application


CIEE Denies Application
While CIEE always looks to approve applications, we will objectively review the application to ensure it meets the J-1 Intern/Trainee Program regulations.


Applicant Receives DS-2019 and Applies for J-1 Visa Interview
The applicant receives Form DS-2019 from his or her international representative and schedules an interview for the J-1 Visa with his or her local U.S. Embassy/Consulate.


Applicant Receives J-1 Visa
The applicant receives his or her J-1 Visa and is ready to begin his or her training in the United States!


Applicant’s Visa is Denied
Due to the rigorous application process, careful vetting of Training Plans, and thorough preparation of our applicants, most applicants will be granted visas. However, it is the solely the U.S. Embassy/Consulate’s decision to approve or deny an applicant’s visa application.



CIEE helps nearly 5,000 interns each year have unforgettable experiences in the United States.

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  • “This internship in international education at One-to-World in New York City, which is unique in every way, allows me to be more creative, flexible and thorough.”

  • “The training I was given through this internship at Convergen Energy in Green Bay, WI will be with me all my life.”