Cecile's Story

Cultural Management Intern at American Cinematheque, Los Angeles, California

Cecile, a student from Paris, spent 11 months working at one of Hollywood's historic theaters.

It's a tough experience to leave family and friends to go live your own life thousand miles away. As I felt supported both by the CIEE and my family, I embraced this new chapter of my life with, I must admit, few apprehensions.

My first week at the American Cinematheque of Los Angeles was the beginning of the most incredible, amazing and extraordinary experience of my life. I found a new family in my coworkers, I discovered a new culture, and it is totally worth it. I met the most incredible, generous and passionate people I will ever meet. They taught me how to rediscover movies, how to be patient and how to make progress in a not-that-dark industry.

After few months, I felt totally adopted by everyone but moreover by your country. I had my very first Thanksgiving, my very first 4th of July and it made me love your country more as I see how much people are proud of it. They gave me that feeling that whatever you're doing you should be proud of yourself but also of your entourage. They made me feel worthy and significant in the company. They made me feel not only as an intern but moreover as a family member. How I'm grateful for that.

As I'm writing to you today, I still have four months left as I, of course, extended my visa. I want to thank all the people who made this happened to me, who made me becoming this new person, full of dynamism and passion, who made me grow up.

Thank you for allowing an insignificant and snobby Parisian student to become an explorer, an adventurer, and who is now ready to face the world!

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