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High School USA

Bang, from Vietnam, is a veteran CIEE student. Over his years in the U.S., he’s entered our contests, impressed us with his spring roll recipe, made friends, and has come back for a third year in the U.S.! As an experienced CIEE student, we thought Bang would be the perfect person to ask about coming back to the U.S.!

After his first year on the High School USA Exchange program, Bang decided to come back on our Choice program. “I had always desired to learn about the American culture. I wanted to study in America whose education system is among the best in the world.”

Now in his third year with CIEE, Bang is currently attending Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School in South Carolina, where his favorite class is Comparative Government, "because it broadens my knowledge about the various political systems in the world.”

Why did you decide to come back to the U.S. with CIEE?

I decided to come back with CIEE because of the tremendous amount of support that I had during my exchange year. My local coordinators were really engaging and organized events for us throughout the year. My host family were so welcoming and wonderful that I felt like I was at home. I came back with CIEE because I knew that I would have an amazing experience again.

Why do you recommend this experience to another student?

As an international student, I know that this experience can be overwhelming at times, and CIEE’s host families have really provided me with the help and support I need to make my time abroad better. I would recommend this to another student because of the exceptional support system, including the host families, local coordinators, and the support team, who are always available and willing to help the students.

What has been the best part of coming back for another year in the U.S.?

The best part of coming back has been being able to meet new people and experience a different culture within the same country. Despite sharing a similar American identity, the culture within the U.S. are definitely not the same, and having the opportunity to experience those differences have been the best part of my experience.

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