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Come Back for Another Year!

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Not ready for your American experience or high-quality education to end? Good news! With High School USA, it doesn’t have to. Come back for another life-changing year in the U.S.

5 Reasons to Come Back to the U.S. with CIEE 

Every student has their own reasons for wanting to spend more than one year studying in the U.S., but some common reasons include:

1. Earn a high school diploma from a quality American school. This will look great on your résumé and future university applications.

2. Live and study in a new location. The U.S. is a huge country; this is your chance to see more of it.

3. Enjoy a new experience. Play new sports, join new clubs, take new classes, and make new friends.

4. Get help finding the right school. CIEE’s Enrollment Team is dedicated to finding a school, community, and host family that meets your individual needs. 

5. Get the same industry-leading support you have come to expect from CIEE. That means the support of a caring and highly trained CIEE Local Coordinator and CIEE’s 24/7 multilingual Support Team.

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How It Works

Coming back to the U.S. on another CIEE High School USA program is easy:




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We are glad you asked! Most CIEE High School USA participants are eligible to come back to the U.S. on a second program. Exceptions include participants who received an ECA-sponsored grant administered by CIEE, such as CBYX, FLEX, or YES. If you received such a grant, you are ineligible to come back on a second program

Not sure if you are eligible? Email us at contact@ciee.org.


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Most students will have to change schools.* But don’t worry! We partner with over 110 high schools across the U.S. and will work with you to find the best fit. Since we handle the regulatory and re-enrollment paperwork, as well as visa processing, the transition is easy.

*High School USA students currently attending private schools may have the opportunity to attend the same school for another year. Please speak with your CIEE international representative for more information.


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Students who come back on another program will have to pay school tuition in addition to program fees. If your current program is on the J-1 visa, this will be an additional cost. If your current program is on the F-1 visa, you are already paying tuition; as a result, your costs will change only according to the specific program or school you choose.