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Premier Secondary Schools

Premier Schools Students and parents who come to CIEE High School Study are looking for something special – a high-quality education at the academic institution of their choice. To offer a broad range of educational experiences, CIEE collaborates with more than 200 leading secondary schools across the United States.

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In keeping with our commitment to quality, we work with schools that:

  • Are located all over the county, including New York, Boston, California, and Florida
  • Boast outstanding facilities
  • Employ stimulating faculty
  • Have proven records of success in college placement
  • Give students access to sports, clubs, arts, and extracurricular opportunities
  • Offer a well-rounded education and a more engaging and fun school experience

Above all, we select schools that share our vision and recognize the value of international cultural exchange. CIEE partner schools understand that welcoming students from overseas enriches the academic, social and cultural life of their schools. What the students learn from one another is just as meaningful as anything they can find in a textbook.

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