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High School Abroad High School Abroad with CIEE

Studying abroad isn’t just for college students. A year spent studying abroad during high school is the perfect way for you to gain the international perspective, life skills, independence, and maturity that could make the difference when seeking admission to your top college.

With CIEE High School Abroad, take part in an engaging and exciting program designed to immerse you fully in a new culture. We’ll offer the structure, resources, and support you need to make the experience all your own.

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Student Bloggers Student Bloggers

  • Francesca Cook

    Ian Treger

    Program: High School Abroad in Germany

    Bio: Ian Treger attended St. James High School in Maryland and decided to study abroad the year after he graduated. He deferred his enrollment from Washington and Lee University to do what his older sister did before him...

    View Ian's Blog
  • Eve Dorsey

    Carmen Borgia

    Program: High School Abroad in Australia

    Bio: Carmen Borgia is from College Park, Maryland. She is interested in fashion, photography, literature, drawing, and design—anything artsy...

    View Carmen's Blog
  • Caroline Hoskins

    Allison Matz

    Program: High School Abroad in France

    Bio: Allison Matz is 15-years-old and has spent most of her life in San Tan Valley, Arizona. She will be spending her sophomore year of high school studying abroad...

    View Allison's Blog
  • Fred Kayes

    Eliza Brown

    Program: High School Abroad in Spain

    Bio: Eliza Brown lives in Maine--splitting her time between the quaint town of Yarmouth and a small island off the coast. She is 15-years-old and will be spending the first semester of her sophomore year in...

    View Eliza's Blog

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