Support Network

We’re always here to help, before and during your time abroad. Call our Portland, Maine, office anytime to speak with an associate. Our U.S. specialists, who have studied or lived abroad, can advise you on how to choose a host country and find the program that best fits your interests and needs. They will help with any concern that you have and give you insider tips on the city and country.

A comprehensive orientation program will help you and your parents manage expectations, prepare for culture shock, and answer important questions, all before you leave the United States.

While in country, we offer students support through our CIEE Support Team, Local Coordinators, and host families. Local Coordinators are the people responsible for finding, screening, and matching students with their host families. They enroll students in local schools, monitor their well-being throughout the program, and write periodic reports to CIEE about their progress.

Local Coordinators are a source of comfort, building bonds with students while they prepare for their journey, then greeting them on arrival and acting as helpful guides. As a go-to resource, they might be called on to help with cultural adjustment at home or school, or to offer advice on finding volunteer activities — anything having to do with the program and the student’s daily life. Local Coordinators are available for emergencies, and they make regular visits and phone calls to check up on students.

Additionally, our Support department at our headquarters in Portland, Maine, is on call 24/7 to provide emergency support and resolve any issues that may arise.

Contact an Alum

Want to learn more about studying abroad with CIEE? Let us put you in touch with the people who know our programs the best: our High School Abroad alumni.

Global Navigator student alumni with Jim Pellow at CIEE event

Why Connect?

Now you can keep the excitement of your international journey alive when you come home. Every CIEE Global Navigator becomes part of the CIEE Global Alumni Network, a community of more than 350,000 people. Why connect?

  • Stay in touch with friends you make overseas
  • Find alumni with common interests in your area
  • Develop a global network of friends, mentors, potential employers, and other contacts
  • Help other students have amazing CIEE experiences.

Let’s Connect!

CIEE Global Alumni Network

We always welcome opportunities to connect alums with future Global Navigators. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or contact us at