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  • Going Back Home
    By Lily A.
    I’m back home now, in a suburb of Boston where I will be a high school senior in the fall. When I see friends or bump into neighbors, they smile...keep reading
  • A Visit from My Parents
    By Lily A.
    After eight months of living in Germany with my host family, I was really excited when my parents told me they would be coming to visit over my two week...keep reading
  • Keeping in Touch
    By Lily A.
    A difficult part of living away from home for any amount of time is staying in touch with friends and family. I have made so many great relationships with people...keep reading
  • Christmas in Berlin
    By Lily A.
    There is nothing quite like spending the holidays with family, but this year I got to experience something truly special: Christmas with my host family in Berlin! I'm from Boston,...keep reading
  • Prag
    By Asha R.
    Let me tell you, getting from Bedburg, Germany to Prague in the Czech Republic is physically and mentally exhausting. First of all, do not book the wrong return date for...keep reading
  • Mai
    By Asha R.
    May allowed me to experience the magic of Phantasialand for the first time. Phantasialand is an amusement park only thirty minutes away from where I live, and it's basically the...keep reading

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