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    By Sophie C.
    This past weekend, I attended an event in Toulouse called Carnival! My host mom explained that there was a parade with floats and music, so I decided to ask my...keep reading
    Leaving Soon
    By Lindsey V.
    Hello everyone! I actually have been so busy with trips, friends, preparing for college applications, etc, that I haven't had much time to make a blog post! As I'm writing...keep reading
    At Starbucks!
    By Lindsey V.
    Hello everyone! Currently I am sitting inside of a Starbucks here in France. I’d actually like to include this in my list of differences for today, because it’s quite interesting...keep reading
    Biggest Differences
    By Lindsey V.
    I decided to mainly focus my blog on the differences I observe here in France, compared to my life in America. While there are plenty of differences you would expect...keep reading

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