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Camera Rollin'

By Gizelle W.

There’s something truly ungodly about modern technology. I just flipped through my camera roll, holding down the right-arrow button out of nothing more than boredom; with that, my life literally... keep reading

Trains of Thought from Firenze

By Gizelle W.

Florence is alive. I know that’s a cliche, but I’m not talking about the “hustle and bustle,” or the “life within.” I mean that the city itself is disturbingly human... keep reading

Ode to Culture Shock

By Gizelle W.

Today was a sad day. That doesn’t mean that something bad happened today: quite the contrary. Today was, in every sense of the word, ordinary. Your average Italian Sunday with... keep reading

The Happiest Birthday

By Gizelle W.

"Shh! Non vi dire niente, lei sentirà!" A couple of girls giggle, clearly struggling to follow Elena's instructions. It wouldn't matter; at this point, I already know what's going on... keep reading

The Tourist and the Traveler... and the Inhabitant...

By Gizelle W.

Most people know the difference between a tourist and a traveler. The tourist stays hidden within the safe confines of the hotel, lest choosing to see only the most popular... keep reading


By Suzanna S.

One of the most exciting parts of this year, other than the year abroad itself, has been the trips I have taken with the STS/CIEE program. I recently went to... keep reading