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Going Back Home

By Lily A.

I’m back home now, in a suburb of Boston where I will be a high school senior in the fall. When I see friends or bump into neighbors, they smile... keep reading

A Visit from My Parents

By Lily A.

After eight months of living in Germany with my host family, I was really excited when my parents told me they would be coming to visit over my two week... keep reading

Keeping in Touch

By Lily A.

A difficult part of living away from home for any amount of time is staying in touch with friends and family. I have made so many great relationships with people... keep reading

Public School Systems: Germany vs. United States

By Lily A.

My experience as a student coming from a large, public high school in a Boston suburb didn’t really prepare me for the transition to a Berlin Gymnasium, but it didn’t... keep reading

Christmas in Berlin

By Lily A.

There is nothing quite like spending the holidays with family, but this year I got to experience something truly special: Christmas with my host family in Berlin! I'm from Boston... keep reading


By Lily A.

With holidays just around the corner, I have been to several Weihnachtsmärkte, or Christmas markets. My favorite, and one of the most popular, is at Alexanderplatz, one of the city... keep reading