Lisboa, Portugal!

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Elise S.

Lisboa, Portugal, aka my new favorite city. All the CIEE Spain semester and year students just got back from a weekend trip to the beautiful city of Lisboa. Though the trip was short, we learned, saw, and experienced so much. 

On Friday morning the other American in my city, Naia, and I hopped in her host dads car and drove up the center of Sevilla to catch the bus. Then, we had a six hour bus ride to Lisboa. Though you may be thinking a six hour bus ride would we terrible, it wasn’t actually that bad. It was a super great way to get to the year students, since we had only met them for a few hours during orientation. Once we arrived in Lisboa we checked into our Hostel and were reunited with the Madrid students. It was sooo much fun to see them again, and meet the year long students we didn’t know yet. The next few days were filled with super interesting tours and lots of free time to explore the city with friends. The beautiful water, buildings, and street art made it an exciting city to explore. Every corner you turned there was something to look at (or a hill to walk many hills haha;) We also spent time hanging out in our hostel, which was absolutely gorgeous. It had a big rooftop patio with a view of the city. On Sunday we had to say goodbye to the Madrid students and then had one more tour before we got back on the bus and settled in for the six hour ride. In all, our trip to Lisboa was amazing,  and I can’t wait to go back and visit again someday!

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