Irish Dancing Lessons

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Annie J.

Annie J.

Irish dancing is a classic Irish tradition that I highly recommend for everyone to try. 

A new friend of mine here in Ireland suggested we try Irish dancing lessons. She is another exchange student from Austria. At first, I was very hesitant of attempting such a hard dance. I am not very athletic and I am not a very good dancer. We would be the only beginners in the class! However, she finally convinced me to put myself out there and try a class with her. When we arrived, the nicest lady help us learn the basics. Our first lesson was basically a private session since everyone else there has been dancing for 10+ years. Someone there had won 6th place in the world championships for his age group! I normally wouldn't have continued the lessons because of how late we were in age to join them, but I had so much fun! We go every Wednesday and have already attended four lessons. Everyone there is so kind and supportive, even when I constantly do the wrong move. This extracurricular gives me something to do every Wednesday and has helped me see an inside part of Irish culture that I have never seen before. Sometimes, my friend and I stay late to watch the higher level dancers. It amazes me everytime. If you have the opportunity to try Irish dancing, PLEASE DO IT. Hopefully these moves will come in handy in the future because I' love to show them off back home. 


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