Reichstag Dome in Berlin


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Looking To Make Your Trip More Affordable?

Here are some ways to defray expenses. Devise a doable plan on your own, or join forces with other student travelers to brainstorm a fundraiser. Reach out to those with similar interests, and explain the educational or service-learning work you’ll be doing overseas.

  • Babysit
  • Pet sit or dog walk
  • Mow lawns or do yard work
  • Wash windows
  • Do a car wash
  • Hold a traditional bake sale with an international twist!
  • Hold a yard sale
  • Sell clothing and other items on eBay
  • Ask family and friends if you can use their frequent-flyer mileage
  • Be a “user tester” for websites
  • Make a website for a local business or charity
  • Teach adults how to use social media. (A one-hour session with five people @ $10 each = $50.)
  • Tutor elementary or middle school students
  • Teach English as a second language online
  • Put on a live musical performance
  • Hold an art exhibit (for artists and friends)
  • Put on a play or mini musical

To promote your services or performances, design and create some eye-catching business cards and/or flyers! Be sure to describe the educational or service opportunity for which you are raising money.

For alumni-proven fundraising tips, download the Student Fundraising Toolkit!